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Johan Strydom

Introduction to the Farm Model

Modeling the farm presents the challenge of having two different entities for the term farm, each entity being dependable on the scope in which the term is being used.

Farm as entity can refer to the physical land resource as well as to an organisation, or business that owns the physical land resource.

Organisation as Farm

An organisation may have the role of farm within the party model.

Organisation with Farm role

Farm as Land

Farm is Land which is a Resource. A resource can be found at a specific location and will have an owner. An owner can be a person or an organisation (E.g. Organisation with the farm role).

farm as resource with location and owner

Farm Attributes

Farm inherits attributes from both Resource and Land.

farm attributes

The attributes are as follows:

  • Resource
    • Identifier of type UniqueIdentifier
    • Parent of type Resource
    • Owner of type Party
    • Name of type String
    • Description of type String
    • Place of type Location
    • Type of type String (E.g. Physical, Logical, ManMade or Natural)
  • Land
    • Area of type SIDerivedUnit (E.g. m2 )
    • Border of type GeoPolygonalChain
  • Farm
    • Number of type RegisteredIdentifier
  • Produce
    • Farm of type Farm
    • Primary of type Boolean